Silent Voices – Messages from John

They did what was not humanly possible.

The victim – it’s coming through the skull.

He couldn’t let her go.

Wipe it up.

[It was me! I was the victim!]

Me waking up, crying out loud in the middle of the night, sobbing with grief:   “I’ll never let you go either Daddy!  I love you!  I miss you so badly!  Thank you for bringing me back to life! I can’t wait to be with you in heaven! I only want to live this life on earth so I can be with my children and future husband.”

[My father’s voice] You’ll have to wait a little while.  But life is short.

[Then I heard bad men talking.]

God rest his soul.

Now they’re calling him a bad guy.

I will never treat another human being so bad

Not a bad card, do you…

and her son about to come inside

do you have any ideas?

No-no!  This is an eating place

No, I’m going to take a knife to him

We don’t have a room key

Be patient

It will bill for you every time

You get into the King of Queens? (marveling tone?)

(A man’s voice) Where did he tell you?  What did he say?

It’s harmony

Post (past?) harmonies

Just never got there.

So strange.

Did you hear anything like that?


[men talking in a hallway]

(one’s early)

Conversation off

Comes into the bank directly – don’t know why I haven’t gotten it

(going over a wall)

we’re safe now

It won’t happen to me damn it

He brought the cash now right right he got it

[I see a blond woman in the entrance of Little Shepherd Cuisine now looking around a man coming through the front door behind her]

You know what the dreams are now?

They’re “inappropriate“.

It was a long way to lose the front

(walking through an alley way with a tall large white building on the right with lots of square windows on the side wall)


there’s a bunk of them

the boys

just don’t let those others know if you heard anything from him

Just let the others know you approve of all the literature I deserve (observe?)


No, by himself

Two men disappear.

Two men disappear all the time.


Just a person.

Karumph!  (sound like a car)

What do we get for Miss Cookie? [Miss Cookie is what I call my dog.]

This is the only way it will have significance.

Jesus, this is good.

More real.

I need to stop.

The torch.

Bring me the torch.

I don’t know why I called her a black person or what a fixer upper

Bo drinks Lancaster.

He’s 18.

Get her in the shower. [in the bakery?]

No use taxing too soon too soon

You have a mouth to feed.

[Said this to Nathaniel? To Kathy’s Son? To John Higdon?]

Why don’t you borrow my dad’s computer?

and butlers be saved

just kind of learning it and being real


Willis Smallwood

If that five year old says anything


He does have history

his brother

his brother said something funny once

to save the ball from going over

do no monkey business

Nikamboswa  [phonetic spelling]

Did you hear about that?

I don’t think she knows.

On the Chesapeake Bay.

Close knit family.

You’re a hammer.

(image of them climbing up to the roof or one of them climbing)

I see skunks building up there.

(I see image of me looking for my father down a long hallway like in St Ann’s, then me crying on the steps, now I can do nothing! in anguish)

[My father’s voice to me?] You’re not waiting for that to happen.

No no no you don’t

Everything else is celery. [salary?]

I saw you (sound of a loud bird) outside my barn as [those men?] stand by big doors

In a car out there on (Main)

You’re starting to get to me Ralphie

It was Checker’s that was my last draw

A tune tied up right now?

Yes, just as bad.

[Ralph:]  I thought she meant sleep.

You’re helping me by selling.

In the back of my left hand pocket that Respect thing in the mail [John Higdon saying? Ralph saying?]

dear we better hang up now, it’s getting late  [I think I see John Higdon reaching, trying to turn on overhead light in car]

Bo Dangles

Yo got a hole in it?!

He was 18

She was only 16

(She was only 62)

Miss Lackton please relax

I’m perfectly relaxed.

No, you’re not.

[A holy voice assuring me: you dumped him, your spirit]

those potatoes [Ralph speaking?]

how’d you manage to get those potatoes

I would be sitting naked


grab em o

come ‘ere come ‘ere!

(putting something into the other man’s hand like powder)

where’d Ralph go?

oh wow.

She’s makin shit up.

How’d you get them apples?



17 thoughts on “Silent Voices – Messages from John

      1. I am totally confused I never had anything but love & respect for you I never thought you were stupid in any way. And like I told you before I don’t know any of those people in WV that are trying to destroy & take things from you except Steve who I met when I bought a camper from him .So hopefully you don’t think I have any bad thoughts or any thing like that against you because I don’t and never have. I hope & pray that we are still friends . God bless you & your family


  1. Dear Ralph have I ever accused you of anything? I do not believe so. I just report on my blog what I silently hear my sainted deceased father telling me in the night. I try very hard not to draw any conclusions except for those things that I have witnessed first hand or can back up with hard copy evidence (most everything I dream about). But I leave the real detective work up to the proper authorities, not the Berkeley County Police. I am painfully honest and outspoken, but not a trained criminologist. Perhaps Daddy just overheard you saying perverted things about me and got pissed? He is an intelligence agent for God’s will now I believe, not my own. God bless and remember – always stay humble and kind!


  2. I did not think sending me that “lying alien” reference for Criminal Chase was very humble and kind Ralph, but perhaps you did not mean it in a bad way. I do not judge your inner intentions. I am at peace with you. However if you are doing any immoral things in your life it is inevitable they will hurt others, including those that you love, whether you intend them to or not. This is not about your personal relationship with me but to get help for those most in need of true aid. God bless


  3. I am so glad to hear this . The alien thing was all in good fun nothing bad meant by it. I try very hard to stay at peace with God. We are all sinners and fall short of the glory of God. I will always have respect for you & your family & have never spoke bad of you that I remember, you always treated me fairly & I thought I did the same toward you. I wasn’t sure what you meant by go tell it to your wife. It struck me kid of funny but I guess you didn’t mean anything by it. Always Prayerful


  4. If you’ve soiled your clothing in any way you better tell her (“come clean”) now. One of my pet peeves with men is that they so often treat women they claim to respect and admire, in direct proportion to the degree of stupidity they (wrongly) assume these women are. You’ll find your clothes thrown outside in a garbage bag if this is happening in your home.


  5. I agree 100 percent. Believe me I am on your side against all the ones trying to do you harm & take what is rightfully yours I can’t stand people who are out to rip someone off just cause they can just remember God says revenge belongs to him he is watching out for people like us. So they will get whats coming to them. You stay strong & let me know if I can help. It would be nice if we could shoot the breeze sometime please remember I am on your side. If you ever need my truck to pick up or haul anything all you have to do is let me know. If you have anyone doing wood for you this year you can borrow the wood splitter anytime.


  6. My morning reading thought I would share –
    As children of the heavenly Father, we were birthed into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ (1 Peter 1:3). Because of our Savior, we have been taken from condemnation to full acceptance, from spiritual death to eternal life in heaven with the Lord. We have His indwelling Spirit to provide comfort in tough times and to guide us through them.

    Because we’re eternally secure in the Lord, we are never in a hopeless circumstance. We may feel desperate, but emotions are not reliable. Our Savior and friend, Jesus Christ, is our constant source of hope.


  7. Yes but you know how sometimes the bible is misinterpreted in translation. That is why I like to always view bible passages in full context. Taken from the Douay Rheimes

    13Wherefore having the loins of your mind girt up, being sober, trust perfectly in the grace which is offered you in the revelation of Jesus Christ, 14As children of obedience, not fashioned according to the former desires of your ignorance: 15But according to him that hath called you, who is holy, be you also IN ALL MANNER OF CONVERSATION holy: 16Because it is written: You shall be holy, for I am holy.

    (emphasis added where I think it applies, but I am not infallible)


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