Call from Daddy in the wee morning hours of All Saints Day


hauls across dusty rooms

with a bank note in it

sells on ebay(?)

there are holes all over the place





giant flea market [my upstairs barn used to be used for a giant flea market]

They’re not (cutting? letting?) in

Buyers numbers lots




[there’s a fly suddenly buzzing around my bedroom]

Mexican prison

Benny Hill


There’s a problem


loose lips sink ships

meat and potatoes served here

I’m the same way

Nag every minute

mouth piece for John

a kit

size it

in order to have a funeral doc

fleeing to Mexico

my cake

buying crumbs out all night

the bench lying in it

the grave

can be her shoes

get her pillow

smother her face in it

she’s basking in it

pick a wreath

call for supervision


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