Resident Scared and the Ghost of Raymond

Nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know.
Pema Chodron

Forgive yourself for the blindness that put you in the path of those that betrayed you.  Sometimes a good heart doesn’t see the bad.

Why do we act blind?  Seeing demands action.  To act is to risk one’s comfort and attachments.  Blindness is our play against right action.
Shri Prashant

Blessed is he, that readeth and heareth the words of this prophecy; and keepeth those things which are written in it; for the time is at hand.
Revelation 1:3

blog image spiritual blindness faith

It is strange to me how in modern times the undead have been depicted as flesh eating, soul murdering zombies.  It is not away from the undead, but to their defense, that I feel compelled to run.  Those we speak of as “dead but not dead” are simply those souls who, having survived their own personal Book of Revelation, advanced to a reality more real than this present state.

In my opinion, fear of ghosts  (if it involves gratuitous images of shooting them dead once, twice, three times, if necessary, oh damn it,  just nuke the entire zombie pavilion) suggests an attempt at eradication of the possibility of our own death, and judgment.  It also suggests attempted eradication of any chance that the already dead will talk and tell tales of our own iniquity –  truths thought long buried, but like the body of a murder victim dug in too shallow a grave, tending to resurface during an early spring rain.

Because, truly, the words of the Holy Dead never cease themselves.

The words of the Holy Dead are sacred, constant, and omnipresent.

Those who have neglected the now deceased in life (their just thoughts and their just wills) will spend an eternity knowing it.

For the deceased, their words, before death and after, become part of Whatever Is that continually expresses truth in glorification of God,  and if they weren’t doing this, repeatedly expressing themselves, albeit in some manner foreign to most, a guilty mankind would not be obsessed with setting himself at odds with the deceased, or feel compelled in any manner to mock them.

In my opinion, to mock the Holy Dead is like the scene in the Zombie movie where the living forego escape in the car, to hide out in the zombie house, and one step less perilous than mocking one’s very Creator.  I believe that’s what man should worry about – their own behavior – rather than wasting time inventing sexy security operatives turned rogue (who will arrive in a slick, black leotard to save us.)

blog image Ray, David and Steven

The words of the Holy Dead are Holy Powerful.

The words of the Dead Just are so powerful (albeit silent) precisely because their souls are now free from their bodies.  Subsequently, their voices are free from erroneous interpretation by family members and others.  No one can twist what the deceased says, or assert that one knows what their words “really” mean, or even attempt to twist what they “really” meant, right before they died.

Like my cousin Ray, who brilliantly willed that his brother Steven, who had been his caretaker, should inherit his house. Because Steven was also an inhabitant of the residence he inherited at the time, he would have been exempt from any unpaid medical debts incurred by the estate. Yet, family members have actually tried to assert that dying (but lucid) Ray made a mistake, and really meant to hand over his house to his father (who was absent for much of Ray’s illness and was the abuser that Ray felt “did a job on” Steven). Someone arranged so a thief should inherit the house for investment profit, and have the real inheritee, grown Steven,  do all the maintenance and renovation for him, while paying the house thief (his own father) rent from a disability check.

That might fly in a court of law when the victim chugs down victimhood like he chugs down nutritional supplements in a power drink, but no thinking human who has not happened to have their brain eaten out just quite yet can really swallow it.

We pre-physical death spirits cannot even begin to ascertain the power of the words the Holy Dead speak, though we may never literally hear them. We cannot begin to fully understand the infinite and unexpected meaning of their constant spiritual language, and what effect it has on this world.  For though mankind goes around stealing houses and painting the Holy Dead as flesh-eating zombies, he has an ancient over self-confident instinct to think of the silent voices of the deceased as harmless as the pinion of a bird’s wing, repeatedly sweeping the inside of a turret wall.

What is that noise… static?  Did you hear a bump in the night?  Who’s in my kitchen, frying something in a pan?

Some think they can wait a long time before a bird’s wings erode a wall, with their constant, repetitive effort, much as they put off dealing with the narcissists in their personal familial quagmire… but I wonder how well they sleep at night.

For this is a misconception, that ghosts want to invade out homes, erode our castles, or steal our rightful life and security out from underneath us.   It is a misconception of reality induced because of our own self-imposed distractions, and because so few can actually hear the dead, see their influence in our lives, or understand what their motives could possibly be. We therefore make the mistake of thinking of the undead as the ones trapped, half here, and half there. That analogy is more true for us, and those souls who have not yet escaped the cleansing place (and are just asking for our prayers) but it can never really apply to those who have escaped earth and achieved heaven. For these good souls still love us and all of humanity not in a manner of bondage by chain, but with a longing for us to share in the homeland they now possess, because their love has been purified by all manners – God.

God will allow them then, with their wings so like the wings of celestial angels, not to erode castles,  but to write within the Truth we need to hear in huge plain lettering –   on the very inside of our castle walls.

David, my cousin with the big heart, I think this message is for you.

to roar a will
and humble a will
I was wondering what you were going to do with this
You have two minutes
Without changing the subject
and you could always say more
Bring me a flashlight and a lance
fitted in the costume of the church
like a giant knight throwing a steed
I actually know folks who have geese
roaming in their back yards, like yours

[I love you, Raymond, I say]

Wake up David, coffee
the notes are still in there
Give them to him
I didn’t have a sour face
when I wrote that
Codependent cliches
You should be happy
all the times we went to bands
do not fear the ghost
It’s me
shedding light on your tunnel
Escape from it
lessons you needed to fall back on
all the time
Don’t make it harder than it is
She bought a house
she transpired from him
we have a warrant for your arrest
said the watchman
[“watchman” I believe is a reference to Reynolds, cyber detective/ criminal investigator/my boyfriend]
like a linkage on a chain of events
Very few people have this gift
(and it’s) not yours to keep
Don’t be a moron.


11 thoughts on “Resident Scared and the Ghost of Raymond

  1. The Holy Undead reminds me of the Necromongers. “If they cannot convert you they Kill you.” “World Enders.” Your explanations have given the Holy Undead a new voice.

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    1. Thank you for your kind words, rb431blog. I do not pretend it is the skills of my writing, but the spiritual mysteries themselves that captivate you. I have noticed and rejoice that my friends support my writing endeavors and God seems to speak to them in so many marvelous ways as well.

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  2. I looked up Necroism, Jonathan Reynolds.

    “Necroism is a primary belief that life in this universe is a mistake which must be corrected. They believe that the original religious beliefs were soaked in blood. This revelation was brought about by the discovery of the Underverse, which is described as another universe in which life is cherished and even the dead are brought back to life.”

    Yes, I would say that’s about right – not that “life” is a mistake, but the manner in which most people live it suggests they have forgotten what lies beneath the surface of material reality. Even dream language speaks to this “double, deeper and hidden meaning of things”.

    For example, my deceased cousin’s lament to his brother “I actually know folks who have geese roaming in their backyards, like yours” – is not only so characteristically “Raymond” – but if you look up “geese” and “backyard” – the standard dream bible interpretations (which I didn’t know before I experienced this episode of half sleep) are what make me convinced I captured Ray’s silent words correctly.

    A backyard could represent…”issues or situations that you don’t like thinking about. Something you don’t like noticing or seeing…Things you don’t want to confront, don’t want to deal with, or make you upset when you have to think about them…

    Backyards in dreams may also reflect issues you want to keep hidden from people or jealousy of having to deal with an embarrassing issue. Irritation or prolonged trouble.”

    Geese represent a people “who never thinks they are wrong no matter what. Persistently noticing one’s self as being too important. You or someone else that feels that they always have to come first because they are too important. An assumption of automatic importance or needing to be a priority. Total disregard for anything that isn’t respecting you first. Ignoring anything that doesn’t think you’re not the most important. Believing that all decisions are unimportant if they don’t benefit you first.”

    Negatively “a goose may reflect complete disregard for someone else’s feelings or wishes because you have to be more important. Always having to appear being right even if it hurts or costs others. Lying to others to maintain appearances of being more important. It may also reflect you or someone else that is embarrassing themselves forcing their “importantness” on others when it’s undeserved. Self-regard that is overbearing or dangerous. Keeping people forced to listening to you no matter how ridiculous it becomes.”

    I think this side of the family definitely has many characters (including the house thief and my own mother, whose complex sz was triggered apparently, by a hidden abortion) that could be described as “geese”, and sadly, even my beloved Aunt Millie had a penchant for putting protection of “the family” first, before everything else, as if she couldn’t believe anybody “family” could really do anything ethicly irresponsible, or deal with realizing what was really disturbing her before she too passed. Holy Dead Uncle Frank seemed to speak of it as carrying a guilt that wasn’t hers to carry.

    But it is almost funny that Ray has taken advantage of his supernatural state, and pre chastized David “You have two minutes without changing the subject and you could always say more”. I do not like to state things from memory, but I seem to recall the two of them being very close, and arguing in this manner.

    That he states David could always say more, and “bring me a flashlight and a lance fitted in the costume of the church” implies (to me, now that I think about it) that he is saying his brother can/will or is challenging him to analyze, pretend to shed light on something, or justify something under the pretention (“costume” indicates a lie or a falsehood, according to dream translators) that it is the religious thing to do, or an act of charity.

    This certainly went on when state laws exempting the inheritor, Steven Jr, from estate costs and the deceased medical expenses were kept from Steven, because, as the apparent accomplice said “Steven very irresponsible”. She tried rationalizing “Ray would be happy to see all that my dad has accomplished settling the estate while TAKING CARE OF (emphasis added) Steven ad (sic) the main goal.”

    Mmmmm. And she (and apparently that whole side of the family, according to her) think I “wonder” why they are “pulling away from” me and that I “need help.”

    Excuse me? Who’s afraid of that ghost?

    By the way, I also wouldn’t be surprised if real life events will echo or have echoed the spiritual significance of this dream. I notice that spiritual truths are often “echoed” like a ripple effect throughout my natural day. This makes sense, if you think about it. For example, if actual geese showed up near David’s home, or are near David’s home, and Raymond is making a spiritual pun out of it.


  3. The Necromongers are a religious empire and one of four elder races, that zealously and violently follows and propagates its religion Necroism. An absolutely fanatic group that believes life is antagonistic to the natural state of the universe. They intend to convert or kill all who oppose them.
    Sounds like the radical Muslims

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    1. Yes, I also saw that description of Necromongers rb, and thought of all the dangerous fundamentalist movements, such as ISIS. But realize in any mystic analogy (such as in these movies with “Riddick” which Jonathan Reynolds my bf has watched, and I, admittedly, have not) there can be many “double” analogies. What I mean by this is that one can call the Necromongers “fanatical”, asserting this in Wikipedia as a fact, when Wikipedia itself is just the most popular unofficial “definition” of something – and where Necromongers are “defined” by a deceptive mixture of opinion, assumption and fact.

      As you know, what one gets out of a movie, and how we want to describe its fictional characters, is subjective. It all depends on our own point of view, and in our culture (like in that of radical Islam) might makes right, even though we are often blind to the more “white bread American” ways in which this is manifested.

      So I figured, perhaps, the negative definition of Necromongers was posted by someone who would also feel compelled to describe the Holy Souls as blood thirsty zombies. Think about it. The Holy Souls ARE antagonistic to life in the “natural state” left devoid of Godly influence. It is as if (even if man did not evolve from monkeys) he wishes to transgress back into one, deceptively feeling safe only by avoiding death, and aware only of the material world around him. Many blind monkeys of the world would describe the holy martyrs of the church in similar fashion to that Necromonger description. Necrotic means dead. This is why I chose to copy this Necromonger definition instead “They believe that the original religious beliefs were soaked in blood. This revelation was brought about by the discovery of the Underverse, which is described as another universe in which life is cherished and even the dead are brought back to life.” This shows that the “Necromonger’s” religion may be none other than the true one, in which all human life is cherished, and we were destined to live in heaven forever and together, and even the dead “are brought back to life”.

      Radical Muslims only believe that radical Muslims will get to heaven, and have oodles of intercourse with brain dead, worshiping virgins.

      By the way, you asked about my family and how we are doing great, and I thank you. I hope all is well with you and yours. My Aunt Millie passed away recently into that other dimension of which we currently speak. Her funeral is today in fact. If you would like to offer a prayer or two for her soul I can easily imagine she would lovingly appreciate – and repay – in some manner beyond my understanding.

      My daughter (who currently is enjoying a lovely spring vacation with her bf in Savannah, Georgia hint, hint Jonathan Reynolds) has moved to Frederick, and when I “haunt” the quaint shops and restaurants in that downtown I sometimes think of you and how I would like to bring you here to enjoy and discover them with me, much as I enjoyed your “hosting” me in a sense, when I visited your favorite “haunts”.

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  4. Yeah I’m not sure why The Muslin thing just came to my mind first .

    I will pray for your aunt Millie I think about you often I really miss working at the barn I have been having a terrible time with my neuropathy and back I feel for you and your family problems that has to be terrible for you I’m sorry you have to go through that my brothers and sisters and I have one brother that has I guess you could say disowned us over something that never actually happened but he believes it did it’s not an easy thing to deal with and yours seems to be much worse. My prayers are with you. I really do enjoy reading the things you write some people are so full of knowledge and you are one of them.
    You also have a knack for I guess I would say decorating like the way you did in the barn always liked your style great imagination. OK enough with the compliments. lol
    I feel so bad that you were not able to finish the project at the barn maybe one day it will happen I hope so.
    OK enough of my rambling on.
    I would appreciate any prayers for my health.

    Prayers for Millie

    God our father your power brings us to birth, your providence guides our lives, and by your command we return to dust.
    Lord those who die still live in your presence their lives change but do not end. I pray in hope for your family relatives and friends and all the dead known to you alone in company with Christ who died and now lives.
    May they rejoice in your kingdom where all our tears are wiped away. Unite us again together in one family to sing your praise forever and ever Amen

    O God, you do not willingly grieve or afflict
    your children.
    Look with pity on the suffering of this family
    in their loss.
    Sustain them in their anguish;
    and into the darkness of their grief
    bring the light of your love;
    through Jesus we pray.


    1. This is so funny rb, I thought perhaps you were someone else by your initials – so my assumptions regarding our “haunts” together may have struck you as odd. However, that being said, I my words still apply. Little Shepherd Cuisine however, is far from a dead ghost, and rest assured the bf and I have plans to resurrect it albeit in perhaps a more expanded format.

      I am wearing so many hats right now , and just must be careful to shift them in proper sequence to stay focused. I was laughing today at myself, about how when I start writing, especially the Oracion Chronicles, I have to stop myself from using this manner of prose when I go out in public and speak with persons more “normal” than myself, or else they will think I’m strange. I have to get out of writer’s mode, which is the true me, and back into “things of the earth.”

      I guess that’s part of the reason one of my “shape shiftings” is into a pastry chef, covered with flour, spiking the left over herbal tea with Mike’s Hard Lemonade. No conventional mysticism here, just heavenly alchemy.

      I am sorry for your own family betrayals and sufferings and will keep you in my prayers. Once again, thank you for your kind words.


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