Rebirth and the New Eve

Mary nesting doll

Sept. 8, 2019

Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin

I do not believe that the mother of Jesus, Mary, a woman declared “immaculate” by the Catholic Church, was spotless or non-condemnable by the standards with which men, particularly high ranking religious clerics, have traditionally judged women.

I believe this highly evolved woman’s spotlessness rested in her fearless trust in God, and unique lack of self loathing.

In other words, Mary was never subject to brainwashing by anyone, including those in “authority” over her, even as a young child. I believe she never believed the lie that so many of us do, that she was somehow separate from God, by nature. She accepted an angel’s directive that she would bear God himself in her body precisely because she recognized the Divine already within, and the Divine Person from Whom she herself must have originated, because she was aware her own image was a reflection of that Divine.

Capabilities for self awareness have been shown to be associated with the frontal lobe in the human brain, which is also associated in some spiritual languages with the All Seeing Eye, and a heightened state of evolved consciousness.  Mary has been equated with wisdom, pondering, and knowing since antiquity,  which makes her depiction in highly symbolic iconic imagery with a broad forehead, and strong, broad shoulders very appropriate. 

I believe that the biblical Mary was actually the prototype of brilliant, strong women that later in church history would be burnt at the stake for Knowing – for knowing –  in effect “too much”, that is, their own self worth. They knew that God never intended “worth” to be limited to the physical act of reproduction, or the supporting roles women play for male “leaders”, or even sacrificing for their own children. This made these highly spiritual and enlightened women, like Joan of Arc, dangerously powerful, in fact the only thing, sometimes, that corrupt, brute men (who would abuse them and their children) seemed to also intuit, could destroy them.

And with good reason.

In scripture, Mary is depicted as the Woman in Revelation, conquering multi headed beasts, creatures that could be said to represent these ever divisive, mutually corrupted Powers of Man.

In one of the last books of the Bible, you find this woman protecting the child of God in her arms from earthly fraud and deception, fleeing with him from unjust powers, material empires and institutions of mankind, to a place that symbolizes a safe state of enlightenment, where God it seems, will provide for all of his children directly.

And it only makes sense that Mary’s soul was this perfect pattern type of the wisdom and maternal, protective “Nature” of God.

It only makes sense that her Son’s soul represented God’s Expression, or “Word”.

It only makes sense that the Maternal Nature of Divinity would recognize each of us also as a universal Christ, especially when and where, through no fault of our own or their own, our own self doubting, error and fear ridden parents fail us.

As the story goes, once upon Jesus’ incarnation, he took on all of his physical, material or human nature from a woman, who outside of time, was the very incarnated, Nature of God, that Wisdom that danced and played like beautiful music, alongside heaven’s riverbanks.

Of course for most of us “mere” mortals, who are susceptible to brainwashing by the dark fog and confusion of earth, it is really hard to comprehend these beautiful mysteries, deeper understandings of Genesis, and parable-like stories of human incarnation and evolution, let alone capture the infinitely wise and loving Nature of God “in a Word”.

For me it was difficult enough just to roll out of bed this morning, let alone charge up my laptop, and wire myself with enough caffeine to translate inspiration into expression, and record what I felt God had inspired me to write during the night.  I have certainly come to believe it is the greatest challenge of my own spiritual evolution to “reunite” this notion of love, insight, knowledge, wisdom and will – with power, expression, action and word.

It is now past midnight.

Yes, we mortals, both men and women (except for The Woman not subject to brainwashing, and Jesus) seem to have swallowed the lie that we are “mere”, meant to stay “mere”, and can’t possibly really be anything “more”. Most of us are merely existing, while working only to stay in a state out of crisis in which we are barely alive, because to live more fully is too scary, at best.

The earthly realm gives us the false impression that strength and empathy are necessarily separate, as well as power and gentleness, vulnerability and fearlessness, and compassion and victory.

The systems of the world have divided us, creating countless apocalyptic monsters, or multi headed serpents that are very convincing, and appear as if real.  I count among them the notion of “good” people and “bad” people, opposite, but equally wrong extremes – and false dichotomies like left versus right. Women suffer under men who behave heartless, misogynist, and egotistical or quickly lose respect for the man who appears too apathetic to defend anyone, including himself. Many men at first may think they want the submissive, subservient type woman, who thinks this is grace, and won’t allow herself, to even think for herself. Other men will spend their lives arguing with the woman who uses her often superior intelligence and insight – to manipulate and control him.

Why do humans assume we cannot escape double binds? I say we must first realize the double bind (like the perceived inequality, or perceived unworthiness of God) is not real. It’s one of those lies strewn into our perceptions of reality, so subtly, so cleverly,  that we often mistake it for a benign and nutritious apple, dangling from a tree, that will keep us alive if we just take a bite.

We have forgotten Heaven, our wholeness there, and how this is mysteriously linked to our “fall” into a subterranean land, the separation of mankind into two genders, then the birth of a woman, born “spotless” and free.  We don’t remember that we are the very children of God, because we now see only that which we assume to be true (often what we fear) and subsequently perceive.

I think the key to realizing once again our spiritual wholeness and freedom  (and I am not speaking here about the reunion in peace of men with women, but the reunion of each person with their true soul self)  lies in this concept of painstakingly undoing our own indoctrinations, “errors”, assumptions and fears, things that can create purgatory or even hell for ourselves and others on earth.

Yin was never meant to be separate from yang, not in a woman, and neither in a man.

For if God the Father could be compared to a mother hen with a brood of chicks, a woman brilliant with the sun could exist – feminine, fearless, assertive and bold – and this woman could give birth to the paradox of a miracle-working male human child , who conquers death itself with his own vulnerability and crucifixion on a cross, why then can’t there be men, strong, brave and courageous enough to embrace emotions like love and human empathy, rather than suppressing them, and women who with their bold intelligence, insight and intuitive abilities lead in strength and achieve victory as well?

For this return to Eden I pray, and that every day be a New Eve, or “New Eve’s Birthday”.

For this, I believe, is the true future and evolution of mankind.


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