A Patient Battle

It’s a patient battle, for people willing to steal the family fortune…

I hope I did not hear someone say damn, she’s got another few months to live.

Such words frighten me, coming from such a pretty girl, in a bright pink vest.

Just remember, interpretation’s a bitch.

And I’m not one of those.

Are you?

I was just minding my Father’s Business.

To help God’s Children out.

I can’t be murdered with false compassion either, like The Father’s Son.

Dimwitted family members who cannot emulate Him, mock and mimick Him by default.

So sad.

But I will not insult them with worry.

Or worry them with insult.

Because they’re just waiting for their ticket outa here.

Don’t call me.

As for the innocent, we are out enjoying life.

Even as they pray God will have mercy on our souls.

Sweet Gentle Star of the Sea, pray for us Mary.

I will.