Duty to Warn all Families & Caretakers of the Mentally Ill

The property tax and confiscation scam unfolds.


But I neglected to add in the final silent message (I do not hear audible hallucinations) from my sainted father.

Right after he said

call in for supervision

he said

know of course, you are in no real danger

Then just last night I heard (silently, in my dreams once again)

no one will be killed

despite the many criminal, direct, vague and implied death threats Mom and I have received from Sheriff Kenneth LeMaster, his buddies in crime,  Veteran Medical Center psychiatrists and doctors, an elder “care” attorney, a nursing home director, and even a scheming Jefferson County priest named Dom Daniel Oppenheimer, and those buying up the leans on Mom and Dad’s estate land.

You see, I’m not the delusional one, and neither was my father.

My father did not have “severe dementia” (even though the Martinsburg VAMC changed his medical records, to reflect this).

Daddy was a genius to the day he died, despite suffering global aphasia (loss of the language center in the brain) after an assault on his life (and property) that manifested as a stroke.

Follow me?

Mom LIED when she told people and had it written in her own medical records, that it was I who suffered from mental illness (not her).

Then Dad said

He’s like (your?) paw paw figuring it out.

(reference to my criminal investigator)

I believe he’s a genius too.

LeMaster, not so much.

Master of Shit.

He’s up to his eyeballs in it.

Go team Little Shepherd Cuisine!

Write in something about being right to leave it on my daughter’s lap.

They are calling in a case against mom 

Mom still refers to the time I had to file a mental hygiene petition on her just to get her aid as the time I got her “arrested”.

Someone told her I accused her of committing a CRIME,  not being mentally ill, when she was driven to and from the police station by a cop, for her “trial” to be heard, exacerbating her paranoia against me,  her loving daughter (and Mom’s simply conscientious caretaker) who saved her life when she was having a heart attack (and Mom didn’t even know it.) 

Mom’s state appointed “lawyer” and “psychiatrist” (a state employee at the sheriff’s office) told me over the phone it was not the mental hygiene court hearing, heard no medical evidence that I brought with me during the court proceeding to get Mom aid, yet then told me surprise, surprise,  it was one.

They told her it was she who was “sound in mind and body” (over and over again) then escorted Mom home to continue dying, gassing and fueling her anosognosia and now dangerously accelerated paranoia against me.  They told me to wait until I found Mom dead on the floor before calling 911 again, or had a visible and bleeding stab wound.

fleeing from his (John Troxler’s) daughter

as if his (Larry, my confused brother’s?) life depended on it

show (when) someone who isolates in medical neglect is (it’s?) called (untreated) schizophrenia

not criminal

and we shouldn’t have to have a mental hygiene petition

to figure it out

to get them aid in the first place

exacerbating their illness


For I love my Pop, but I ain’t no ordinary tart.


Therefore, I refuse to let myself or my father be treated like one.