‘I’m thinking, like, I’m taller than you”
he threatened me
your police work done
what in the world
did he expect

blog image washer woman with son


I’m having dreams again.

No, wait.  That’s not the entire truth.

The dreams and silent voices have never stopped.

In a similar but different way to the manner in in which a schizophrenic is harassed by a constant audible stream of usually negative voices, a transliminal, psychic or mystic is aware of continual, silent messages – or for lack of a better word – intuitions. For the healthy empath, these impressions flow like constant waters she can tap into to a reasonable degree…

at will.

I don’t feel worthy to call myself a mystic or seer, but it’s certain I don’t have schizophrenia.

And I don’t always share with the public what I hear, intuit… or know.

But I feel compelled to share some impressions now, as I’ve been getting messages that involve children.

I see rather vivid flash images of small rooms in my mind’s eye…  that haunt me. Sadly, it is not uncommon in our society that children have been abused, neglected and molested by people we respect as neighbors, or civil and religious authorities.

I bind my guarding angel to only allow impressions from valid sources, not imposter forces posing as deceased loved ones, unholy souls, or those voices that torment the mentally ill.

None of my “voices” torment me.

But sometimes in the dark of the night, as I clutch the tiny Christ Child figurine called the Infant of Prague (once held by my grandmother) I hear about the suffering of children, the very living Body of Christ in the modern world.  Can it be possible, I confess that I wonder, as Jesus supposedly spoke through this little devotionary statue, according to legend, thousands of years ago, He would Voice to me through it too, the sufferings and whereabouts of child victims?

man’s field had empty faces
because there was an empty box
there was something big


Blog image Priestfield conference room

The picture above is of an empty conference room at Priest Field Pastoral Center.

It is an unknown how many practicing Catholic priests and prelates have lost all authentic spiritual powers of office due to implication in crimes against children and fraudulent concealment, rendering many apostolic lines invalid.

Sometimes I think I hear from souls who are still living in this life.

It was ten months over
I wanted to look at that
swing back chair
we’re on the same page
at least I’d hope(d)
that was a little
nursing home
they could hear me watching
but it wasn’t the other side
read on it
and send it to Judy

it was suggested
I open up a chair
you would have done the same

birds singing

I need to keep my mouth shut
until I hear it from you
he put a wood stove in there
hocus pocus
dogs in the hocus
I yanked her out of the way
I stayed out of it


blog image gothic washer woman

Dogs can symbolize areas of your life where you are emotionally protective, hocus literally translated from Latin means all or none, and hocus pocus can symbolize tricks, or illusions. Hocus pocus is also a reference to an invalid consecration by a Catholic priest.

I don’t have to wonder about the meaning of a wood stove though.  An understanding comes to me intuitively and instantaneously.

The good father, gathering and tossing dead wood into a furnace, after lifeless wood has been pruned off and kindled dry. If wood cannot be strewn into walls and ceilings to protect, the flames rising as it is consumed will keep children warm.  The good father does not even waste dead wood.

I have also been planning to put a wood stove into the lower level of my barn, and appreciate the synchronicity. The angels’ language pleases my brain as I ponder endless allegories like light refracted in shattered glass, lying half asleep in my bedroom.

Heat rises, from the bottom up.

I hear a woman sobbing (wondering, vaguely, if it’s me, some time in the past or in the future) and she says…

you’re going to turn around and go back

I think of abused children and adults with Stockholm Syndrome, and how they sometimes love and return to abusers, institutions and entities that abused them.  I feel that woman’s grief for her loved one(s).  She has become me.

Then comes a voice of comfort, and though I cannot be certain it is the Queen of Angels I intuit another feminine, or maternal connection. She is advising me, or another person that I know and love.

the road is narrow
there’s a bridge to get to the other side
the deluge
don’t fall in
a small boat will rescue you
don’t drown
it never failed

he starts talking to me that
they followed Adam’s rules
though it slowed death down
the impact was not quite like you’d expect

Suddenly I see beneath my closed eyes, a flash of light pink.

everyone born with it
had a disease

‘Emma, you’re broken’

What the bad man said to the innocent mother of the abused boy in The Silent Child

‘have you forgotten your son?’

a car accident

‘Car accidents’ can symbolize errors of judgement.  It is also the type of accident arranged by the perpetrator in The Silent Child, for those who threatened by their existence, to expose the perpetrator’s crimes.

I’ve got to get up.

It’s time for my morning coffee.