Lao Tzu wrote that life and death are one thread, the same line viewed from different sides. I say he was onto something. Life is like a revelation, a rotation, or a spherical line around a globe –  or a heavenly body.  Our journey in life is to find, or remember – our true spiritual self, that whom we were born to be, and that whom our material death will birth into an even more real dimension.  I call this process unraveling –  from the fallen (fallen = brain washable) nature that innocent babies – simply inherit.

These writings express my love for imperfect humanity and that spiritual dimension, that is with us even as we walk right through it, unaware.  As an HSP, I am very aware of this deeper reality in higher dreams, half sleep, and deep contemplation.  But please, be aware what I share from this realm is in “dream” or “spiritual language”, and though “all my dreams have come true” –  I am not infallible in interpretation.

My favorite part of this blog right now (as I add the “About” section late at night, like an after thought – I am about creativity, not planning – maybe next year I’ll clean up the Table of Contents) is the draft chapters to my book about a character I created called Oracion. This is my own attempt at mystic analogy, inspired by a favorite childhood author, C S Lewis.

Every movement and character in this adult fairy tale represents something real – or someone real –  that happened to me, or I met in real life – but I am hoping, perhaps, the more insightful reader will find themselves in Oracion as well, and the mystical tale – which must always end in joy – more real than the earthly realities that were just the foreshadowing.

For you see, that time line that is life, is also a story line. May none of us be too distracted –  so as not to notice the tale.

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