Day Prose

blog images Mary

Thank you for this beautiful dream, oh GOD
The morning birds
Singing, they greet me
The life of flower, fruit, mountain and bee
Leaves of purple, gold or pine
And with artist’s brush
Some powdered white
In confectioners sugared branches

The rivers that run wild
Their torrents of grace
Laugh like following, canine companions
And in a niche
There’s an entire grove

Filled with sweet oranges
We can eat all we want
Know the divine
That draws not a dragon’s breath

The spotless lady knows the way
But there for those that fear her
With angry thoughts
They do not want to know
The Mother’s plan
Which is something good
To teach small children
When they startle awake
Arising from where they fell
On bruised and bent knees

Oh world meant to serve
To remind us of Eden
And the Fullness of Being
Until then our marvelous mystery
The day we return to You
Finally opening our eyes
We will also remember
All suffering and sadness
The day we return to Eden