The Wild Audacity of Being Truthful

I recently came across a refrigerator magnet in a friend’s book store and impulse purchased it.  It is a quote in black against a white background, the message simply stating “all good things are wild and free.” It looks great on my refrigerator, a crisp modern font against a kitchen filled with vintage rolling pins, and repainted farm table.

I used to think my life was boring.  Now I see beauty everywhere. Now  I see excitement.  I see mystery.  I see paradox. I see joy.

How did this happen to me?

I see reality now, because I finally realized that my boring, sustained existence was just that – sustained, imposed upon me, a delusion presented by a narcissistic mother with a dark secret she felt a compulsion to hide. Let the curtain go up.  Now let’s reveal the truth.

Life is really not boring.  No one’s is.

Did you ever notice, a faux order and imposed politeness becomes mandatory with those who would abuse their authority to abuse others, to hide their own guilt?  This happens in all venues.  Let us suspect the politician who commits no social faux pas, the clergy man who has never sinned, the ladies who look perfect because they have had umpteenth face lifts and coif their hair, slipping their dainty feet into pointy toed shoe wear.  Perhaps this is because if little children told the simple truth, spoke out of turn, called the vain lady ugly, broke all the china and the man-made norms imposed upon them – to expose reality for what it is –  suddenly there would be a great universal paradigm shift. Suddenly, in a blink of an eye, the guilty would appear guilty, the innocent innocent, the handicapped beautiful and the monstrous people ugly.

Imagine not that there is no heaven, but imagine that. 

It’s a lot harder to imagine, but it’s easy if you try.

We are after all, just little children, all grown up.

Perhaps heaven is just a bold act of charity away.

Sure, one will be threatened with crucifixion upon exposing the crimes of the guilty.  So what.  We’ll go to heaven if we are martyred for truth.  But moreover, suspect that those who are abusive and hypocritical threaten you with nothing more than lies and deception.  That’s because that’s what abusers are made of.  Everything else is a ploy, and discovering this weak spot in the reality of a narcissist is what frees us from their binds.  People who are abducted are more likely to be killed if they do not scream out.

If everyone rejected the false fear of being politically incorrect, shouting and offending others, the false fear of speaking up in a crowd, and cried out instead “the emperor’s not wearing any clothes” evil politicians would fall.  Wrongs would be righted, unborn children wouldn’t be murdered, their surviving siblings wouldn’t be molested or abused, and the innocent suffering souls who have committed no unrepentant sin in their whole entire lives would simply inherit the earth.

It’s as simple as that.

Further more, if we take truth, bold truth, undiluted, and face ourselves with it, as uncomfortably painful as it is sometimes, we can free even ourselves from whatever binds, whatever oppresses, whatever we don’t want to look at because it deceptively frightens us to death.  We might even discover beneath all the heavily curtained windows, the slip covered ottomans, the rows and rows of delicately balanced mediocrity of frightening man-made rules and regulations, there was a deeper order. This order has nothing to do with our inner critic or the sins we have committed.   This is the order  in which we were innocent all along, made not even in our own parent’s image, but in the Image of Someone infinitely more innocent.

I say, imagine that, but imagine it, because it is true.

God is not a mean man with a stick.

Yes, all good things are wild and free.

So free your inner child.

Go break some china.

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