Duty to Warn: Seal Violation

This post has been temporarily removed while investigations into Dom Daniel Augustine Oppenheimer, CRNJ move forward.  In fall of 2016, Oppenheimer, prior at the Chapel of the Annunciation, a small Latin Mass community in Charles Town, WV, committed seal violation in front of a witness.

2 thoughts on “Duty to Warn: Seal Violation

  1. Openheimer is a disgrace. He is a homosexual and should be laicized- his group should be suppressed. This man is a liar-a thief and a effeminate homosexual. He has bounced all over the USA like a vagabond.

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    1. Thank you for coming forward with this comment.

      The crimes Oppenheimer has committed are indeed very real, proven and serious. Major theft and lying is the least of what he has done to me and my family personally. His crimes are linked to corrupt prelates that are higher up, and as yet unrevealed scandals within the church, including Bishop Bransfield, and the now notorious and aging, predator-protecting, Bishop James “Jim” Timlin.

      This is why no “internal” investigation will ever expose Oppenheimer for the fraud he is, laicize or remove him. The resulting new scandal would once again blow a corrupt hierarchy open wide, shed more light on old scandals, as well as rescue and keep groomed “traditional” families and children from harm’s way.

      The families that still attend the priory mistakenly trust Oppenheimer largely because they equate his deserving that trust – with him providing them with the traditional liturgy, and him hating empathic gays (he is against gay marriage). Oppenheimer speaks their “traditionalist” language.

      Steve Skojek, author of 1Peter 5 blog, is a classic example of this. He promotes Oppenheimer, as well as bromancing other disturbing, double speaking personalities (Bishop Schneider), goes to the priory, and maintains a lot of largely uneducated followers, who block or isolate themselves from anyone who promotes thinking on one’s own. They stereotype anyone who disagrees with them as liberals, and think the only enemy to truth is “the liberals”. These type of sheep don’t realize that masculine “sounding” sadist, homosexual predators types *get off* on abusing other homosexuals, and vulnerable, femme, and empathic types of persons. Those at the priory don’t realize this even though Oppenheimer demonstrates to them quite regularly his outright contempt for all those who fit this criteria of weak, female or vulnerable, including all intelligent, outspoken women (especially if they are attractive because he assumes these to be in competition with for or enlighten *his* men), the elderly, crying babies and children.

      His adult, male altar servers are largely single and compromised in one way or another, and if you’ve wondered, you’re not the only priest who’s wondered, if children have already been and are being molested in that priory.

      Oppenheimer has not only implied, but proudly admitted and revealed things to me personally – that would curl a healthy man’s hair – backed up with threats against me and my family. He is a sadist sociopath who claims to be taking medicine for a mental condition. For the sake of the innocent, for the sake of the future of the church, for the sake of our children who cannot protect themselves when we stupidly bring them into harm’s way (teaching them to *trust* a religious *authority*), in an age of eye opening revelations, and what has become known to us through documentaries like The Keepers (Netflix) – no Catholic has an excuse not to know how serious these matters are, and learn how the corrupt “play ball”.

      And for God’s sake, we should all speak out.

      In unison there is safety, and it’s our God given “Duty to Warn” others.

      Please keep in touch with me at judy@littleshepherdcuisine.com.

      Warm regards


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