One More from Dad



it relates within the business

of saving souls

it feels so good

everything imploded

it all makes sense

the closest one I can get to

is the one for me

and I think that I’m the proof

give him a peasant salary

and a liquid diet

because he won’t be eating bricks

no more

that’s exactly what he’s going to do


refuse(d?) to come in

they can’t pull him out of a hole

the adjuster

foreign currency

spanish croissants

boys will be boys

hot air balloons

no sir charge (Searge?)

they’re talking about me

all the time now

we’re working our way

we don’t even have a house


they passed away

they passed away

at three o’clock in the morning

(3:00 is Brazil on the military mass clock and around the time early this morning I started posting my father’s words.)


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