Unwinding Keys

This is a philosophical poem I wrote about the terrorist attacks in Paris.  I think David Byrne’s music is a fitting orchestral accompaniment.

A headline in the news
They broke her eldest daughter
And victims were confused
With victims of the slaughter


They spoke in ancient ways
With candles and with flowers
But refuge is not found
In stadiums or towers


Mad world you are so cruel
She wants nothing of you
Mad world you are a fog
Very few can see through

(c) Frances Maynard; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

Mad world you grow so dark
Darker every minute
Surrounding her with words
With which they hope to spin it


She gathers up her young
And runs with haste to refuge
See chicks escape the rain
While great beasts drown in deluge

Can you hear her now?

She speaks in music’s silence
And paints a bright new world
An end to all the violence


Mad world you are so cruel
She’s in her bridal chambers
Singing of His love
And children safe from dangers


Children take these keys

It’s in the breach, remind them
Unravel to your birth
And in the light you’ll find Him


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