Missing Persons

This, Cassie had known, ever since she
Cassie, my nephew, a driver in a small van
had wounded
seemed very apoplectic
the life of me
deep tissue scarring
my world
her limbs crushed beneath

[I find myself crying, feeling a very empathetic, deep sadness]
press a button
release the hatch
arrived in pain
Bobby was still throwing a
like a giant pistol
assault rifle
no ones knows where the bodies are
by the side of the lake
a gorge
a pistol
crying in despair
I sat there
watched him pull the trigger
cold, green grass
a river spotter
thought it was a hoax
drowned in despair
I took a watch
It keeps on ticking
turning point
the words
the dead
can’t speak
the records
will show this
none the less
cut open the bag
the keys are in the trunk
brute force
the facts remain
I’m cold
a sad time of year
making a living by the stream
these notes
do not indicate the past
From a vantage point however
the fish swim
grasping curdles in their mouth
like straw
sipping at Coke
Please don’t make me
come back and spoil it for you
a bronze star on my bed
morphine in the shack
squirrels in the rafters
were obtained for medicinal purposes
The bodies don’t disparage
[An automated sales call comes in on my cell phone, from Fox Lake, Illinois. My left ankle hurts]
Get up

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