Candlelight Ritual


lend me your mystery
draw me into the night
that I might discover
something more

more than the shadows

that vague and opaque
that hunt and haunt
my loose-latched
front door

and make my footing
as I step out
in a fog-like cloak
of non disclosure

instead of transparency
the wraith wants to
mark my death
and make sure
my stories aren’t told

like a cold, old lady
who sweeps puzzle pieces
under the rug

without me asking
from my kitchen floor


oh beautiful,
magical candlelight

that’s not the cleansing

that I’m looking for
but it’s getting simpler

for I sense you’re a portal
my knowing,
my door,

my non material
that’s nonetheless more secure

as you lend me your flame
and close tightly behind me

to make my heart pulsate
like you

in discovering that more

in what you illumine

that clear and that brilliant
beyond mask, doors and floors

the sharp white and black

that’s not stale or despondent
it’s like an outline of tree limbs
cutting up through to the sky

and beyond time
as if
we could reach heaven’s height
in humble candlelight
and reverse alchemy

I know you can take me there
with outstretched arms
and the face in whose eyes
I look upon

as they reflect my own

that I’ve never seen before
oh candlelight,
that contains all mysteries

wake me up
with kind smile
and words from that mystery
that lies right before me

black cloaked woman

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